Ignited Youth meet on the second and fourth Sundays of the month, during the service, following a programme chosen by the young people from Youth For Christ resources. The young people are currently split into two groups by school years, with Years 7 to 9 following the Lumen programme and Years 10 to 13 following the Mettle programme. On the first Sunday of the month the members of Ignited Youth provide the volunteers to help run the service, including reading, intercessing, serving and technological support.


On months containing a fifth Sunday the youth meet for a Council; session where they act as a junior PCC and discuss all matters concerning youth, the general running or the church and how they can help.


There is also a youth music group which all members of Ignited Youth are invited to be part of. They attend music and technological rehearsals on alternate Friday evenings where their skills are developed in both music and the technical side of delivering a service. They have led some worship in services, and are currently looking into putting on a concert.  They all have the opportunity to join the adult worship band to lead worship on a Sunday morning if they wish to do so.